squirrel-exclusion-in-kwartha Lakes

Squirrel Exclusion in Kwartha Lakes

Exterior Inspection

The property owner of residential property in Kawarthas Lakes complained about hearing noises up on the higher floors of the property. The technician set out to investigate the matter and conduct an exterior inspection. The exterior inspection is the most important part of the squirrel removal process and gives the technician a better understanding of the situation so that the right measures can be taken. The exterior inspection did indeed later reveal a squirrel break-in. After inspecting the roof level of the residential area, the technician concluded that the squirrel entered the property through a soffit at the front of the house.

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Initial Measures Taken

The technician went on to install a squirrel One-way Door. The One-Way Door is a way to get the squirrel out while it keeps these squirrels out definitively. Squirrels will take a few days to get out because they will be looking for food and water. Once it is out, it will leave the area completely.

A Squirrel One-Way Door was placed at the breach.

A second One-Way Door was installed at the side of the house.

During the exterior inspection, the technician discovered some problem areas that needed to be addressed as well. Animals will take advantage of any kind of gap and hole no matter how impossible we think it is to get through. In this case, the technician installed multiple vents covers on the roof to prevent any other animal break-in.

Roof vent covers were placed to keep out squirrels.


A few days later, the noise stopped. The technician revisited the property and then took the door down and sealed it. The case was successfully closed. Squirrels are an invasive pest even though people think of squirrels as cute animals, these animals can do a lot of damage in terms of insulation and health.

All entry points were sealed

Squirrels, when they enter a property will leave a mess of feces and urine behind which can have adverse effects on the health of all the occupants. Insulation can be damaged to a point where the insulation will need to be re-installed completely and this can be a very pricy thing to replace. If you have squirrels on your property or have a suspicion, call the professionals from Wildlife Removal Peterborough at 705-410-3709.