Do Skunks Carry Rabies

Do Skunks Carry Rabies?

Yes, skunks do carry rabies, however, skunks have to be infected with rabies and be rabid in order to transfer and infect animals and people. It is not as prevalent as thought, but it still is a real risk to anyone who has skunks on their property. Professional skunk removal is needed if you want a guaranteed result. Rabies is a viral disease that can heavily affect the neural system and can lead to eventual death. So how do you recognize if a skunk has rabies? Read the list below for more information.

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Wandering aimlessly

Skunks that seem dazed and or lost is one sign of a rabid skunk. Skunks are typically active at nighttime. If you see a skunk stand still for a long time and or moving a bit sluggish, then you should call a skunk removal professional as it can lead to a dangerous situation. For more information, call 705-535-0854.

Foaming from the mouth

Skunks may be seen foaming or excessively drooling from their mouth. It looks very unsightly and can look very terrifying. This is an indication that the rabid skunk is already in a later stage. Remember, rabies affects the neural system of rabies. Certain nerves in the brain already have been affected leading to numbed facial muscles and functions. If you see foaming from the mouth or saliva, call a skunk removal professional like Skunk Control for quick removal.


Skunks can be very aggressive when they are rabid, and they will be looking for a fight everywhere and anytime. It is very important to keep a good distance from the skunk and to leave kids and pets inside as skunks might pick a fight with them. Skunks will screech, grumble, hiss, and make any noise to assert dominance. Do not get close to the skunk and call an animal control specialist instead.

Abnormally Tame

Skunks are very shy animals and do not want to get anywhere near people. So, when you do see a skunk that is acting very friendly, then something is wrong. Do not pet it, nor feed it. This can also be a very clear sign of rabies. Even though this looks positive, its behaviour can rapidly change on a whim.

These are some of the signs to look out for when you see a skunk acting a bit out of the ordinary. So how do you know if your animal has been bitten? Animals have frequent run-ins with other animals and it’s not weird your pet comes back from a little scuffle. But what if it’s a lot worse than it appears to be? If your pet displays aggression, abnormal timidness, barks meows differently, drools excessively, staggers or falls, becomes paralyzed and continues to show worrying symptoms, call a vet right away, even if you are not sure.

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