How to make raccoon one way doors

How to Make a Raccoon One Way Door

Raccoon One-Door Ways are a very effective way to get the raccoons out. Simply put, one-way doors lead the animal out so that they cannot re-enter since they pass through a one-way door that swings open in one direction. Once, the animal passes the One-Way Door, the animal gets locked out and relocates to another area. Making a One-Way Door can be a fun, yet challenging project if you are not crafting your own devices and solutions. One-Way Doors do not have to be complicated and can be simply made out of steel mesh.

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Depending on where the break-in occurred, the One-Way Door can just consist of simple plexiglass with a latch built on top of a frame that is as big is the plexiglass to make sure raccoons can not pry the door open. If the raccoon entry point is bigger than the areas that the Raccoon One-Way Door then that can be covered with steel mesh or plywood to make sure the raccoons can only enter one way and one way only and pass through the door.

If the raccoon entry point is in a tight spot such as where the roof and where the soffit meets. Raccoons enter the attics often by pushing the soffits in or they simply rip it open by sheer use of force. It can be a very problematic experience for many property owners. If a raccoon entry point is located in such a spot the raccoon needs to pass through something.

You can make a One-Way Door out of a large piece of PVC tube. Other alternatives exist like making a tunnel-lie One-Way Door out of a simple wired mesh and shaping it into a square tunnel where it the end has 4 flaps on each side to mount on whatever surface it is needed for. They are cheap, highly effective, and do not take much time to make.

Professionals who are specialized in raccoon removals have One-Way Doors at hand and can mount them easily on whatever surface and can make sure that the raccoon cannot take advantage of any other entry point. These technicians are experienced and are a guaranteed way to make sure that raccoons cannot get in again.

The biggest advantage of hiring raccoon removal specialists is the proofing and sealing service that is also offered. Professionals have access to highly durable and long-lasting materials to cover and seal up the entry points that the raccoons used to enter the property in the first place. They know how to seal up a property completely so that a raccoon break-in is out of the question.

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