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Skunk removal, bat removal, raccoon removal, and squirrel removal services are covered. All our professional and affordable services that include exclusion services are backed by a guarantee and a 2-year warranty. If animals break in through our work during the warranty period we return to rectify the situation at no additional charge.

2 years warranty wildlife removal

Wildlife Removal Peterborough

At Wildlife Removal Peterborough we have devised safe and ethical methodologies that can remove animals from any type of property with as little human intervention and disturbance as possible. Our technicians are licensed specialized wildlife removal experts accredited by the Ministry of Environment in Ontario to responsibly remove wildlife that roams the Peterborough area. We do not harm nor do we kill the animals in any of the stages during our procedure. Instead, we give the animals a safe way out with the help of our specialized tools and contraptions that prevents them from getting back in. Our crew has profound knowledge of the various behavioral patterns and breeding habits of every animal that they come across. With this in mind, our technicians know exactly where these wildlife animals prefer to nest and remain within the property based on their extensive experience throughout the years dealing with similar cases. At Wildlife Shield, we have you covered through and through even well after our job is finished with our 6-month warranty that covers the work we have done on your property to give you that extra sense of comfort and security in case anything happens within that time period. If anything, we will come back, reassess the situation, and make it right. 




raccoon removal services peterborough

Raccoons are notorious throughout the Peterborough area for their antics and the mayhem they cause. Raccoons are known to break in attics and other spaces in the property. Raccoons are known to go to areas where there is food in abundance. These creatures have adapted to urban life completely and know exactly how to exploit urban structures to get what they want. Raccoons often find their way in attics by climbing on the roof destroying shingles along the way. They breach the attic space by pushing through the soffit or by clawing. Raccoons often seek the warmth and comfort that the attic has to offer. They can cause irreparable damage to spaces they invade that can cost home and business owners thousands in repair and restoration costs. Raccoons carry a host of diseases and viruses that can be transmitted through direct or indirect exposure. When a raccoon remains too long in a confined space the stench will become more noticeable as time goes on and this creates a very real health hazard that residents can be exposed to if nothing is done against it. Our incredible team of technicians have been trained and licensed to remove raccoons most ethically and safely possible by simply allowing them to vacate the premise by strategically placing a ‘One-Way Door’ which they will install by first combing the area around the property and finding the entry-point. The One-Way Door is a special contraption that allows the raccoon to leave, but not re-enter. After some time, our technicians will return for a second visit and remove the One-Way Door after which they will seal and reinforce the entry-point with galvanized steel mesh so that the same area won’t be exploited again by other raccoons and other types of wildlife.


Bat Removal services peterborough

Hiring technicians to have your bats removed is the only safe solution as well as the responsible way to go about when you happen to encounter bats. Bats are able to enter the premises through small holes. Most of the bats that find their way inside of the premises find their way into the attic. The most common species that invade Peterborough properties are Little Brown Bats and Big Brown Bats. Once the bats are located through carefully combing the area, a ‘One-Way Door’ is placed. This allows the bat to leave the area and prevents them from coming back in. Bats are not particularly dangerous, but they do have the possibility to spread pathogenic viruses and diseases when coming in contact with their feces and urine which leaves behind a repulsive stench if it turns out that they have been living there for quite some time. A way to discover you have bats in your attic is by hearing them. Bats usually give birth from May to July. Bats are regarded as protected species by the Government of Ontario, so there are stringent guidelines and regulations regarding the ethical and safe treatment throughout. Our skillful and licensed technicians have had years experience of locating and excluding bats from properties throughout the Peterborough area for countless families and businesses. We are dedicated to the ethical and safe treatment of all the bats we come across. 




Squirrels seem very unlikely at first to cause a lot of damage. They are cute and curious animals, but that opinion of them changes fast once you have met with them personally. Squirrels are one of the most common intruders in the Peterborough area where the majority of them break into your attics by climbing their way to the top. They enter the attic by the use of force either by scratching, nibbling, or even pushing their way in. Squirrels when left to their own devices can leave an unspeakable amount of damage behind that can be seen in how the insolation is gravely deteriorated. The only solution would be to replace and install new insulation to make it effective again. Not only attics but when squirrels have young, the mothers prefer a safe and enclosed space for the young to harbor in. This brings other problems along with them that include structural damage over time. The skillful and seasoned crew has been dealing with squirrels cases for ages and can easily relieve you from your intrusion. Our technicians use a ‘One-Way Door’ to give the squirrel in question the opportunity to leave without it ever coming back. This ethical and safe methodology ensures the safety and well-being of the squirrels during the removal process. We will then return to the property and checkup. If everything seems affirmative, we then move on to seal the entry-point that the squirrel used to break in. The entry-point is sealed and reinforced with galvanized steel mesh so that any future breach by squirrels or any wildlife is out of the question.


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Skunks can be very problematic animals and can be destructive to your yards, crops, and other types of vegetation that you may hold dear. Skunks are a nuisance to the outdoor and leave traces of their presence wherever they go. Skunks are known to dig deep trenches along the perimeter of properties and man-made structures such as decks. They will attempt to dig burrows for themselves and latrines close to the burrows to deposit their feces and urine which becomes a health hazard in a short period. To tackle this very problem, our technicians have devised an ingenious way to literally stop the skunks in their track causing it to move elsewhere. Once entry-points are found, we install a ‘One-Way Door’. The contraption allows the skunks to exit the property but not re-enter. Skunks will leave the property in a few days after the installment of the door. This guarantees a safe and humane way to remove skunk presence. At the same time, we dig a 1 by 1-foot trench around the perimeter of the deck or shed and place “L” shaped steel mesh panels so that it stops the skunk from burrowing underneath it. We then attach galvanized steel mesh around the perimeter of the base of the deck or shed to prevent a breach.



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At Wildlife Removal Peterborough we have a whole crew dedicated to the safe and ethical removal of wildlife present in the city of Peterborough and beyond. Our technicians are licensed professionals who have gone through rigorous training and have solved and removed an innumerable of cases throughout the decade that we have been active in the area. It takes specialized knowledge and skill to remove different types of wildlife without endangering yourself and others around you. Not to mention the risk that is involved in removing these animals without hurting them nor hurting yourself. Wildlife removal services is truly an investment considering how much of an advantage it would be to get the animals out from the property in as little time as possible. Our technicians are well aware of the risks that they take to remove the animals without needing to harm or kill them. This is because most of these animals are protected under strict conservation and protection laws that prohibit the killing or endangerment of these animals in any way possible. We care deeply about the wildlife that roams Peterborough and neighboring cities and do everything in our power to respect them while also guaranteeing the safety and security of our neighbors that we have the pleasure to serve. Feel free to call, and we will give you a detailed rundown of what it is we do!