How to Find Out Where Squirrels are Getting in

How to Find Out Where Squirrels are Getting in

Squirrels nest in trees, but attics are great alternatives. Attics are warm, hollow, and above ground – perfect for a squirrel to build a nest. Squirrels build nests here in the fall, in anticipation of the cold, and throughout the spring and summer, when females need a place to nurse their young. To get inside, squirrels typically chew through gaps in the soffits, roof vents, and edges of the roof. If you suspect that there are squirrels in your attic, give us a call. We provide humane squirrel removal services in the Peterborough area.

When pest-proofing the home, the first thing you need to remember is that squirrels can chew through most things. They have very strong, sharp teeth that can cut through plastic, wood, vinyl, rubber, and even soft metals, like aluminum. So, anywhere there is a gap, they can chew it wider. A gap along the edge of the roof, for example, can be chewed and made wide enough to fit a squirrel. Plastic roof vents are also no match for squirrels. Squirrels frequently chew their way through the bottoms of roof vent caps so they can crawl into the attic.

Squirrels can fit through gaps that are roughly 4cm wide. So, when looking for an entry point, look for a hole that might fit a golf ball. A hole that is surrounded by teeth marks is a clear sign that a squirrel was responsible. Squirrels usually only have one entrance to their nests, so if you find a gap in the roof that is surrounded by teeth marks, you can be sure that a squirrel is nesting in there, or one has nested there in the past. Listen carefully for scratching sounds during the day and see if you can find from which direction it’s coming. That will help you find the location of the nest.

How to Get Rid of Squirrels

Call a wildlife removal company near you if you think a squirrel may have broken into your home. A technician can confirm the entry point, then install a one-way door to it to let the animal out safely. Within a few days, the squirrel will crawl its way out the door, then find another place to live. The technician will then come back and replace the door with a pest-proof mesh. Removing the squirrel yourself can be tricky. Trapping and relocating is illegal in Ontario, and it’s largely ineffective. Squirrels will come right back if you don’t exclude all those vulnerabilities on your roof.

The technicians at Squirrel Control deal with squirrels every day. They can find where the animals are coming from and make sure that they never come back by sealing off every potential entry point on your roof. We can cover your roof vents with an impenetrable mesh, and protect every other vulnerability, like soffits and roof damages. Call us today to book an inspection. Our services are guaranteed and come with a 2-year warranty.