Raccoon sleeping habits

Raccoon sleeping habits

The raccoons are very interesting animals that seem to spark the interest of Ontarians everywhere who comes across them. They are silly and playful animals who are most active at night causing a ruckus throughout different neighbourhoods all over the city.

Yet, some of them are hard to spot at night, and you might be wondering why? It turns out that raccoons are nocturnal creatures. This means that they are active at night, but inactive at daytime which is the opposite of what humans do, except when you happen to be a night owl which is still bad because we are not built like raccoons or owls.

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Raccoons are not quite charged in the daytime and spend their time being idle or sleeping until it is time for prime time at night. Raccoons will then spend their time foraging and looking for food in all kinds of places. Raccoons are not picky eaters at all and will use any way to get to the food. Most of the raccoons spend their time either dumpster diving or going through trash bags. They will leave a mess behind no matter how good it is locked away. The locks on the garbage bins offer no security to these smart and slew animals as numerous city officials have tried stopping these raccoons before.

The best way to prevent raccoons from ransacking the whole place and leaving behind a trail of garbage is to make sure all the sources of food are hard to reach. Raccoons will go to a place habitually as they will see your property as a reliable source of food. Not only that, if they find a place with enough food, they might even signal it to other raccoons as well.

The best way to make sure that raccoons stay away from them is to make sure the trash is not available on the exact day. Trash needs to be put out on the same days to make sure that raccoons do not have access to it. Raccoons are destructive animals as they will leave behind a trail of chaos. Plants trampled, fences run over, and ponds empty.

To prevent this from happening, contact the wildlife control specialists from Wildlife Removal Peterborough to have your raccoons removed. Raccoons will break into attics after the winter to give birth to baby raccoons. They will climb on top of roofs and break into the soffit to access the attic. The attic is the ideal place to house babies because they are away from the elements and predators. In the meanwhile, raccoon babies together with the raccoon mother will make a big mess out of the attic in a very short time that can cost homeowners thousands of dollars. Don’t want this, call us right now!