What Month are Baby Squirrels Born

What Month are Baby Squirrels Born?

Squirrels are everywhere. No matter the season, squirrels can be seen running around, raiding bird feeders, and chasing after each other. These are busy creatures that do not hibernate. Squirrels are highly adaptable animals that have learned to live alongside us, nesting in the trees of our backyards. The only trouble with squirrels is that they might try to nest in the attic, where they will cause a lot of damage. If you are worried about the squirrels in your area, give us a call. We provide effective squirrel removal services in Peterborough and beyond.

Squirrels in Ontario have two mating seasons: once in the spring and once in the summer. Younger, less experienced females may only mate once in their first year. Female grey squirrels have a gestation period of 44 days, while red squirrels are pregnant for 38. Litter size ranges from 1 to 8, though 3 or 4 is more common. Typically, baby squirrels are born sometime between March and April and July and August. They are blind and deaf at birth and rely on their mothers for safety and nourishment. At 5 weeks, they begin to venture out with their mothers. At 12 weeks, they are independent.

Squirrels in the Attic

Female squirrels build nests to raise their young. Naturally, they nest in trees, but attics are a good alternative. Squirrels see attics like big, hollow trees. They get inside by finding weak spots on the roof, then gnaw their way through. Plastic roof vents, gaps along the edges of the roof, and damaged soffits are common entry points. Once inside, they usually build their nests within the insulation. Squirrels make a lot of noise during the early hours of the day, and there may be a lot of squirrel activity on the roof. In prolonged cases, squirrels leave stains on the ceiling and produce a foul odour.

If you suspect that a mother squirrel has made herself a home in your attic, don’t panic. Squirrels can be removed humanely. The only challenge is waiting until the babies are old enough to be mobile. In late spring, it is safe to have a one-way door installed at the squirrels’ entry point. This lets the animals leave on their own, during the day. The door swings only outward, however, so the animals cannot get back inside. Call a local wildlife removal company to do this for you. A technician can find the entry point, seal other entrances, then install a one-way door.

The technicians at Wildlife Removal Peterborough are happy to help. We are a team of licensed professionals experienced in handling all kinds of squirrel situations. If there is a squirrel nesting in your attic, do not wait. Female squirrels usually have several nests at their disposal. A technician can confirm at which stage the squirrel family is and whether it is safe to remove it. Our removal and exclusion services are guaranteed. We are so sure that squirrels won’t be able to get back in that our exclusion work comes with a 2-year warranty. Call Wildlife Removal Peterborough today.