How to Deal With Bats In The Attic

How to Deal With Bats In The Attic

You might have noticed peculiar sounds at night such as light fluttering and scratching. This would be very concerning as this creature might be in your house and can come out! If you notice these sounds at night this most likely can be a bat. You might be wondering why a bat is in your house of all places and why in your attic? Bats love dark, secluded, and quiet places. In nature, these are often caves and forests inside of tree cavities. The places where bats live are called roosts As deforestation continues to progress, these bats are forced to leave their native lands and have sought refuge in the city.

If you have bats in your property, call the bat removal specialists from Wildlife Removal Peterborough.

As a result, many bat species such as the small myotis or the small brown bat are considered endangered species. This is not solely due to deforestation, but also to a devastating fungus known as the white-nose syndrome. This is fatal and responsible for most small brown bat deaths we see today in nature.

So what do you do when you see or suspect a whole roost of bats in the attic? The first thing not to do is to disturb them or to try and chase them out. Due to their special status, called the species conservation status using force or any other method to chase them out is not allowed during a specific period.  This period is June through July where bat intervention is not allowed. This is because the bats will have their young in the summer.

Bats in brood
                                                                               Bats will often stay in a colony in an attic.

The only way to get bats out from the attic is by hiring professional bat control experts from Wildlife Removal Peterborough. These individuals are licensed and certified technicians that have been in the industry for more than a decade. The way that technicians will get the bats out is through a clever device called the Bat Cone. The bat control technician thoroughly searches the perimeter for an entry point. The entry point also serves as an exit point as bats will come and go from the attic.

Then after identifying the entry and exit point, the technician also makes note of other vulnerabilities around the perimeter. The vulnerabilities that are found around the perimeter can be a Segway for other insects and other wildlife animals to gain access to the property. Once the bats are removed, the attic needs a deep cleaning. Bat guano is the cause of a serious fungal disease called Histoplasmosis. This can be caught inhaling bat guano.

If you suspect having bats on your property, contact professional bat control technicians from Wildlife Removal Peterborough. Our customer service specialists will gladly consult you and will schedule a visit as soon as possible.