How Do Raccoons Protect Themselves From Predators

How Do Raccoons Protect Themselves From Predators

Raccoons are incredibly skilled predators where they can hunt and catch all kinds of things from chickens to fish and everything in between. They are one of the most successful urban wildlife animals to roam cities in Ontario and beyond. They are mostly known for their antics and their incredible dexterity that open up new ways to make the hunt for food way easier. Sometimes this is at the cost of human discomfort as many throughout the city already know.

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But how do raccoons protect themselves from predators when the roles are reversed. How do they keep themselves safe in such an unforgiving world? The secret is sticking together in a pack. The pack gives the raccoons a sort of barrier against predators where spotting a raccoon might be difficult. This way the raccoons can rely on each other and stay safe from predators.

If the raccoon is not in a pack, the raccoon can vocalize and scare predators away by barking, hissing, screaming, shrieking, and growling to make clear that the raccoon is not to be played with. This might seem unexpected from an otherwise curious and sociable animal, but raccoons in the city have to deal with fewer threats than their counterparts in nature. The life expectancy also decreases sharply when the raccoon is in nature. It is estimated that life expectancy is 5-10 years shorter in nature.

Raccoons in a pack
                                                   Raccoons often function in a pack to stay safe from predators

Apart from vocalizing that the raccoon wants to be left alone, the raccoon can also resort 8to violence when needed through its sharp claws and fangs that can easily cut through the skin. While raccoons do not often resort to violence, they are inherently territorial in nature and will protect it at all costs. This is very apparent if they are mothers.

This can also be bad for our pets as many raccoons do not like sharing pet food which they steal from the food bowl itself. Cats and dogs regularly get into fights and can even lead to rabies when there is an open flesh wound. Raccoons can be a threat to the safety and well-being of your pet when it happens to be at the wrong time and place. To avoid this, you will need to have to hire a professional wildlife specialist like the professionals from Raccoon Control.

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