How to Get Rid of Bats in Attic

How to Get Rid of Bats in the Attic

Bats are fascinating animals. Did you know they are the only mammals that fly? In one night, a single bat will consume as many as 3000 mosquitoes, catching and eating them in midair. Bats are pest control experts that are widely misunderstood. They rarely cause any harm to humans, and they face extinction due to disease and deforestation. It is therefore important that you have them removed from your attic safely. Call Bat Control if there are bats in your attic and we will evict them without harm. We offer comprehensive bat removal in Peterborough and throughout southern Ontario.

In the wild, bats roost in trees, tree hollows, caves, and crevices. They hang upside down from whatever they can grasp, preferably somewhere warm and high above the ground. Colonies range from a dozen to a few hundred individuals. In the fall, they mate with other colonies, then they hibernate through the winter. It is not until the spring that females ovulate and become pregnant. During the summer, females create maternal colonies in which they nurse their young, then they go back to their original groups. Bats tend to invade attics during these periods of hibernation and nursing.

Like caves or big hollow trees, attics present bats with the perfect opportunity to roost. They are warm and above ground, perfect for raising pups and waiting out the winter’s cold. Bats usually get inside by crawling through an opening on the side of the roof, such as a broken gable vent or a gap between the soffit overhang and the exterior brick wall. It only takes a 6mm hole for a little brown bat to fit through – if you can fit a dime, you can fit a bat. Once indoors, they are very quiet, though you may find guano on the floor of the attic and surrounding the entry point outside.

Call a Wildlife Removal Company

Because bats are protected, they must be removed properly. Find a wildlife removal company that handles bat problems and reach out to them for help. They can find the bats’ entry point, determine if it is safe to remove them and evict them with a one-way door. The one-way door lets the bats leave on their own, but it doesn’t let them back in. It is a totally humane solution that works very well, provided the animals are not nursing their young nor hibernating for the winter. Another benefit to hiring a technician is that they can seal off every other possible entry point, which will ensure that the animals do not come back.

Call us for wildlife removal in Peterborough and the surrounding area. We provide humane and affordable solutions to all bat problems. Our technicians are trained and experienced in dealing with bats. No matter the severity of your situation, we have got you covered. We are ready to help you out, as best we can. Call us today for bat removal and wildlife-proofing services in southern Ontario.