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Raccoon Break-In in Multi-Residential Properties

Exterior Inspection

The property owner of a townhouse reported a raccoon issue. Upon hearing this a technician was dispatched to the property and started conducting an exterior inspection. The exterior inspection is the most important step in the raccoon removal process, and this also gives the technician the opportunity to understand the case in depth. During the inspection, the technician locates and determines the activity and also gives additional recommendations based on the results of the inspection.

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Houses in Ontario are vulnerable to a lot of wildlife species that inhabit the area and can find weak points in almost every spot around the property. During the inspection, the technician found a large entry point and also recommended the property owner to have roof vent covers installed which are often exploited by squirrels.

One of the entry points is found on the property.

Initial Measures Taken

After the inspection was complete, the technician conveyed the information to the property owner. The technician then started the raccoon removal process with the help of the One-Way Door. The One-Way Door gives raccoons the opportunity to let the raccoons leave the area without getting harmed or injured and this also ensures that the raccoon will leave the area as well. Another door was attached to the main door since the technician also concluded that baby raccoons were also involved in this case. A baby One-Way Door was also installed to let the baby raccoons leave the property safely as well. It can take raccoons a few days to leave the property since they will have to leave the space in order to look for water and food.

raccoon one way door in peterborough service area
A raccoon One-Way Door was attached to let the raccoons leave.

As briefly mentioned before, the technician also installed roof vent covers to prevent wildlife animals from entering the building. Squirrels have the ability to chew through the vents with their razor-sharp teeth and the steel mesh cover will prevent that no squirrel will ever be able to get through these vents.

Roof vent covers are being installed on the roof to prevent animals from getting inside.


The job was successfully completed and the door was taken down later. Raccoons continue to plague the residents of Ontario as these raccoons have been inhabiting the region for years. The attic space gives the raccoons a safe space to stay and to have babies. This increases as well in the winter when raccoons will look for their habitations as a way to escape the harsh Ontario winters. Raccoons are nocturnal creatures and are most active during the night and inactive during the day