Urban Raccoon Behavior

Urban Raccoon Behaviour

Raccoons are smart, adaptable animals that do well in cities. Though they live naturally in forests, their flexible diet and dexterous paws allow them to find food and shelter within our neighbourhoods. Raccoons are very common in cities and suburbs that encroach on their natural habitats. If there are raccoons in your area, be careful that you do not feed them or let them get too close. These are wild animals that will attack you if they feel threatened and cause a ton of damage to your home. Call us for humane raccoon removal in Peterborough and beyond.

Also known as “trash pandas,” raccoons are little thieves that like to dumpster dive and eat the foods we throw out. Fruits, vegetables, insects, rodents, meats, and grains are all fair game. In the wild, raccoons feed mostly on aquatic animals like frogs, clams, snails, and fish. They’re omnivores, so they can eat most things. Raccoons den under porches and in attics as well as tree hollows and natural crevices. As nocturnal animals, they are most active at night but can be found foraging for food during the day. Raccoons are especially active in late winter when it is mating season.

While they might look like cute, furry little bandits, raccoons do not like to be approached by humans. Getting too close may result in a bite or scratch. Female raccoons are especially protective of their young. If there are raccoons living on your property and they are causing you trouble, call a licensed wildlife removal company for help. Raccoons are not pets and they don’t see a veterinarian. Many raccoons in the city have intestinal parasites and other potentially fatal diseases that can spread to humans. Keep your distance and do not attempt to remove the animals yourself.

Avoid a Raccoon Problem

You can maintain a peaceful relationship with your furry neighbours whilst keeping your distance. Maintain your property to prevent raccoons from breaking into your attic and making a mess. Any gap or opening in the sides of your roof can be torn open. For added protection, consider capping your roof vents and chimneys with a thick mesh. Do not feed the animals. Wildlife-proof your outdoor garbage cans using a covered composter. Protect your vegetable garden with row covers or a temporary fence and be sure to harvest your product on time. Don’t leave any pet food outside.

If you are currently dealing with a raccoon invasion, give us a call. The longer you wait, the worse the situation will get. Raccoons are fascinating animals, but they will leave piles of feces in your attic, which risk making you sick and attracting more pests into the home. Our technicians are trained and experienced in all forms of raccoon removal. We can evict the animals safely and prevent their return by pest-proofing your property. Our services come with a written guarantee and warranty of up to 2 years. Call us for humane raccoon removal in Peterborough.