Do Squirrels Scent Mark

Do Squirrels Scent Mark?

Squirrels have an excellent sense of smell, which they use to find food and communicate with other squirrels. Very little research has been conducted on the subject, but squirrels are known to mark their territories and use their scent glands to give signals. They leave scent trails to orient themselves around the neighbourhood, like an …

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How do Bats Get in the Attic

How Do Bats Get in the Attic?

Bats get into attics by crawling through the openings they find on the roof. Though they are nearly blind, bats can find these openings with echolocation, a process by which bats produce high-pitched sound waves and listen to them echo. Their echolocation is so precise, that bats can “see” through the darkness and hunt mosquitoes …

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Bat-Proofing Your House

Bat-Proofing Your House

Bats are incredible little creatures. They are the only flying mammals on earth, capable of reaching thousands of meters above the ground. Bats are essential pollinators, and, in Ontario, they are pest control experts. Ontario’s bats eat up to half their weight in moths, mosquitoes, beetles, and flies, every single night. Bats should be kept …

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When do Skunks Have Babies

When do Skunks Have Babies?

Skunks have babies in the spring, sometime between April and June. It is during this time of year that females seek shelter under decks, sheds, porches, and patios. Skunks are mild-mannered creatures, but their spray can be dangerous. Skunk spray is so toxic that most predators – even bears – leave skunks alone. If there …

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