How to Remove Bats in Chimney

How to Remove Bats in Your Chimney

Bats get into chimneys because they resemble their natural habitats. Like hollow trees, chimneys are above ground and relatively safe from predators. This is problematic for a number of reasons. Bats will dirty your chimney with feces and put you at risk of getting sick. Starting a fire while there are bats inside also risks harming the animals, which is illegal and inhumane. The best thing you can do in this situation is to hire a wildlife remover. Getting rid of bats isn’t as simple as capping the chimney. Call us now for an inspection and solution that lasts.

Why are there bats in the chimney?

Ontario’s bats are insectivores that roost in caves, tree hollows, and other sheltered places during the day. Chimneys resemble these structures and present bats with an opportunity to roost somewhere safe. Bats will often relocate to chimneys and attics when their colonies expand, or when their natural habitats have been disturbed. They are mostly harmless but will cause a significant amount of damage to your chimney. Bat guano contains many harmful germs and will accumulate over time. You should remove the animals quickly to minimize damage, but it must be done carefully. Killing bats is illegal and inhumane.

If you suspect that a colony is living in your chimney, look for the signs first. See if you can spot the bats leaving the chimney at dusk. They are extremely quiet, but you may be able to see them fly out. You can also look for bat droppings on the roof or around the exterior of the house. Droppings appear black and pellet-shaped, 1-3cm in length. Then, call a local wildlife removal company for removal. If you are still unsure, the wildlife removers will confirm the presence of bats during the inspection.

How Professionals Get Rid of Bats

Professionals remove bats with the help of a one-way door. This lets the animals leave their den when they would normally but prevents their return. The door is tube-shaped and pointed in a way that lets the bats crawl down, but they cannot figure their way back in. While you could purchase a door and install it yourself, installing a one-way door to a chimney is a little more challenging. Professionals will cap the chimney with mesh, then secure the door into it. They will ensure that it is installed in a way that the bats will use it properly and that they will not be trapped.

Call us if there are bats on your property. A member of our team will conduct a thorough inspection to find where the bats are coming from and what we can do to get rid of them quickly and humanely. Our technicians are experienced in bat removal and have the training to work on the roof safely. In addition to removal, we offer wildlife-proofing in which we seal and block all potential entry points. We are so sure of our work that our services come with a 2-year warranty. Call us for bat removal in Peterborough.