How do Bats Get in the Attic

How Do Bats Get in the Attic?

Bats get into attics by crawling through the openings they find on the roof. Though they are nearly blind, bats can find these openings with echolocation, a process by which bats produce high-pitched sound waves and listen to them echo. Their echolocation is so precise, that bats can “see” through the darkness and hunt mosquitoes in mid-air. If you are worried that some bats have made your attic their home, reach out to us and a technician will come to inspect.

In Ontario, there are only two species of bat that get into attics: the little brown bat and the big brown bat. Both are insectivores that roost in hollow trees, caves, and other sheltered structures during the day. They will also roost in attics when their natural habitats have been disturbed. Attics are safe, quiet, and above ground. To get inside, brown bats will squeeze their little bodies through the openings they find in the roof or in the outer walls of the home. Like mice, they can fit through the tiniest of gaps. Little brown bats can squeeze through 6mm spaces.

Signs of a bat colony in the attic include bat guano and grease marks. Bat guano, or droppings, are very small and nearly black. Finding guano on the ground outside or on the outer walls of the home may point to an infestation. Because bats tend to use the same entrance every time, they often leave grease marks around their entry point. If you can get inside the attic, bring a flashlight with you and take a look around. You may be able to find the bats hiding in the rafters or see their guano on the floor.

How to Get Rid of Bats and Keep Them Out

If there are bats in your attic, you can remove them with the help of a one-way door. The one-way door is specially designed to let bats crawl out of the attic but stop them from coming back. Once out, they will find another place to live. Secure the door directly onto the bats’ entry point, then exclude all other possible openings. Just be sure to wait until fall so that you do not trap any baby bats. Seal gaps in the siding or edges of the roof with caulking. Check that you have no gaps between the soffits and the outer walls of the home.

Contact a Professional Bat Remover

Bat invasions are unfortunately common in Ontario. These are smart little creatures that will use the tiniest of openings to roost indoors. If you are interested in having your property inspected or excluded professionally, give us a call. We provide solutions to all bat problems, no matter the extent or severity. We remove bats safely and keep them out with our effective bat-proofing services. We also cleaning and disinfection services in which we remove bat guano and all the odours that came with it. Call us today for wildlife removal services in Peterborough.