Bat-Proofing Your House

Bat-Proofing Your House

Bats are incredible little creatures. They are the only flying mammals on earth, capable of reaching thousands of meters above the ground. Bats are essential pollinators, and, in Ontario, they are pest control experts. Ontario’s bats eat up to half their weight in moths, mosquitoes, beetles, and flies, every single night. Bats should be kept off your property, however. They will leave droppings everywhere and damage the structure of your home. Thankfully, you can keep them out safely with these guidelines. Give us a call if you have any questions.

Identify Entry Points

Examine the exterior of your home closely for any holes a bat could fit through. Check the soffits, siding, and edges of the roof for gaps. Bats can squeeze through openings merely 12mm wide. If you find an opening that is surrounded by grease, there may be bats inside. Use a flashlight to help you see better and check the attic if you can.

Use a One-Way Door

If you found an entry point in the first step, install a one-way door to it before excluding the rest of the house. This will avoid trapping any bats in the attic. You can purchase one-way doors for bats online or from a wildlife removal company. Secure the door to the entry point and wait a few weeks for the bats to leave. The best time to evict bats is in the fall because their babies are vulnerable in the spring and summer. It is illegal to trap, hunt, or kill bats in Ontario.

Cap Chimneys and Openings

Cap your chimneys and vents with a thick steel mesh. Make sure you use one with spaces that are only a quarter of an inch thick. Screw the mesh directly into the roof to keep bats out of the attic. You can also use mesh to block out any gaps you found in the roof’s edge. The mesh will continue to allow airflow while preventing any bats, rodents, or raccoons from getting into the attic.

Fill Gaps and Cracks

Seal smaller gaps with silicone caulking. These include gaps in the siding or between the soffits and outer walls of the home. Seal any cracks you find in your window frames, too, while you’re at it. This will help keep bugs and mice from getting inside.

Hire a Professional Bat Remover

The most reliable way you can bat-proof your home is to hire a professional. Professionals are trained and experienced in finding entry points. They can find every vulnerability on your property and block them off for you. They know how to apply their bat-proofing materials in the best way possible. We offer guaranteed bat-proofing and removal services in Peterborough. Call us if you would like to book an inspection or if you have any questions.