How to Get Rid of Bats in Attic in Winter

Hearing strange noises in the attic can be very strange, especially when it’s wintertime. Bats are responsible for a lot of damage in the attic for homeowners, something that not a lot of people might not readily expect from those tiny critters. The best way to go about a bat problem in the winter is to hire bat control specialists. There is a very good reason for this, due to stringent laws regarding bat protection and preservation, bats cannot just be expelled during certain periods. Professionals have access to excellent tools to deal with bats in a safe and humane way.

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As mentioned earlier, professionals have access to tools to get them out safely. The bring lots of issues with them like leaving droppings everywhere. One of these methods our professionals at Bat Control use is the bat cone. The bat cone is a single-way device that lets bats exit and which won’t let them back in. Bat control specialists conduct an exterior inspection before mounting the Bat Cone. Bat Control specialists are very aware of which entry points bats use and if they have the ability to squeeze through.

Due to the risk, hiring a bat control specialist is, therefore, the best choice to take in terms of personal safety and finances because bat control specialists can also locate and detect the bat entry points which are always much pretty hidden in plain sight. Bats can easily squeeze through holes through the mere size of a small dime. Technicians will know where to find these entry points. Now that you know the advantages of hiring a technician, how do you get bats out yourself?

Ultra Sonic Bat Repellant

This is a very useful method and pretty easy to execute. These ultra-low bat repellants do what they say. They repel bats with a sound, only they can hear. This frequency annoys the bats which prompt them to move out as soon as possible.


To get the bats out you will need to find a way to get them out and for that, a device can be used which is called a bat cone. Installing a bat cone can be very risky for inexperienced people since it includes working at height. Once the at cone is installed, the area needs to be under surveillance. The sealing must occur within a few hours and the space must be inspected for any remaining baby pups or baby bats. Once done, you can start sealing with metal flashing. For professional help which is highly recommended, hire professionals from Wildlife Removal Peterborough. Call