How to Get Rid of Bats in Your Attic?

It might be very concerning when you find out that there are actual live bats in your home. Bats do have a habit to stay in the attic and this is because of their natural; disposition toward dark, secluded, and dry places and this is why the attic is such a popular place. Another reason why the bats end up in the attic is that the attic happens to be in the bat’s light path so it is very convenient for the bat to fly straight in. The roof is full of entry points that the bats can exploit and this is where bat removal specialists come in. Bat removal specialists are trained and specialized to deal with bats in residential places. It is important because the most common species the brown bat can spread diseases.

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They determine the entry points, remove the bats, and patch the entry points to finally seal up the property completely from any future infestations or attacks. The specialists in this case use a method called the bat cone to make sure the bats are out. The bat cone gives the bats a single-way out whereafter they are not able to return anymore and this has to be done by professionals in order to have it work effectively. The professionals for his, conduct an exterior inspection to make sure they are aware of all the possible entry points and then inform the property owner here for.

Bats will exploit every small hole and can fit through a hole that is as big as about a quarter. Yes, bats are incredibly flexible and take full advantage of this. They will take advantage of every small hole that the property can give. Once inside, they will damage and spread feces all over the attic. Technicians are well aware of these flaws and make sure to make note of these entry points and inform the homeowner. This is why professionals are the best when it comes to getting rid of bats. Bu t you are wondering probably how to get rid of them yourself? Well, there are a few methods, but be well aware that these methods are not guaranteed. This is because the methods highly depend on how these solutions are executed.

Moth Balls

Mothballs are said to be highly effective against bats and this is because they have a highly sensitive smell that will make them want to leave the space.


Hanging up aluminum foil is said to be very effective because of the light that can reflect off it. Bats want total darkness, and aluminum will without a doubt when placed correctly will reflect light and will annoy bats to the point that they don’t want to stay anymore.

The best way of course as earlier mentioned is to hire a professional bat control specialist. To hire bat control specialists, contact Bat Control. Call 647-931-6459