What Do Squirrel Nests Look Like

what does a squirrel nest look like in an attic?

Squirrels are busy animals who go in and out and around and about on a daily basis. Outside, they busy themselves with a few activities such as eating, mating, and looking for food. Apart from that, they also need to defend their territory depending on where they are.

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Squirrels in nature build nests in trees. These squirrels such as the Eastern Grey Squirrel fall under tree squirrels. Tree squirrels thrive in forests and woods. The way they go about making their nests is by collecting a number of materials. They build their nest from twigs and expand on it using leaves, moss,  and other materials found in nature. The squirrel nest is usually 20ft up in the trees and has a somewhat spherical shape. The squirrel makes sure to insulate the nest very well and packs the nest very tightly.

squirrel on roof
Squirrels have amazing climbing skills to get to the upper floors

There is another type of nest found in nature. These are usually pre-constructed nests that are then inhabited by squirrels. Squirrels also live in tree hollows. These are usually hollowed out by woodpeckers or naturally occurring cavities. These are preferred by squirrels because it gives squirrels ample protection.

The interesting thing about the squirrel’s nesting habits is that some squirrels have multiple nests that can number up to three nests. The squirrel also has a sort of emergency nest as well in case it needs to get away from a predator.

From far away, the squirrel’s nest looks an awful lot like a bird’s nest but do not be mistaken. The squirrel’s nest can have a diameter of 2 feet in width or even larger when the environment permits it.

In the winter, especially in urban areas, the squirrel can take its tree hollow habit to the city in the form of making nests in chimneys. The squirrel makes sure to tightly pack all the materials and create a warm environment for itself or its young. By building a nest in the chimney, the risk of being burned alive is very high. Usually, squirrel babies are the unfortunate victim here since they cannot climb out of the chimney in time.

Another habit that squirrels regularly engage in is breaking into the attic. This usually occurs around the soffit intersection where the soffit and the roof meets. They exploit this weak spot by pushing through the soffit and thus getting access to the interior of the space. When squirrels enter the attic, the space can turn into a very toxic place due to feces and urine spreading all over the space. This is bad news for homeowners because their insulation will be rendered useless where they need to install new material. Squirrels also

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