Can Squirrels Chew Through PVC

Can Squirrels Chew Through PVC?

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, a plastic that is widely used in construction for things like piping, siding, tubing, and cable insulation. Resistant to moisture and abrasion, PVC is a highly versatile material that is ideal for windows, flooring, and exterior structures. One would hope that the PVC found on the exterior of the home would be tough enough to resist squirrels, but, unfortunately, the little rodents can chew through it. Squirrels have very strong teeth. If there are squirrels on your property that are giving you trouble, give us a call. We provide squirrel removal services in Peterborough and beyond.

As rodents, squirrels can chew through practically anything. This allows them to chew acorns and manipulate their wooded environments. They have powerful teeth that can chew through wood, plastic, vinyl, rubber, and more. Even soft metals like copper and aluminum are no match for a squirrel’s teeth. Squirrels can absolutely chew their way through PVC. They are known for chewing through PVC piping and cables in attics across Canada. They chew on PVC to move from one place to the next and simply to wear their ever-growing teeth down. PVC is unfortunately too weak to resist squirrels.

How to Avoid a Squirrel Invasion

If you are worried about the squirrels in your neighbourhood, make your yard a little less attractive to them. Rake the leaves in the fall and pick up all fallen fruit. You can also protect your vegetable garden with row covers, netting, or cages made of mesh. Clean out the gutters every fall and trim tree branches away from the roof of the house. You may also to get rid of the bird feeder. Finally, you can keep squirrels out of the attic by covering your roof vents with an impenetrable mesh. Use a 16-gauge, quarter-inch, galvanized steel mesh.

If there are squirrels in your attic right now, contact a local wildlife removal company immediately. Licensed technicians can remove the animals safely. In most cases, technicians remove squirrels by attaching a one-way door to the entry point of their nests. This lets the squirrels leave the attic on their own. No direct contact is required. Once out, they cannot get back inside. The technician will then come back and replace the door with mesh. To help ensure that the squirrels do not break back in, the technician can also pest-proof the rest of the roof for you.

Call us if you are interested in having your roof excluded from squirrels. We offer comprehensive squirrel removal and wildlife exclusion services. Each member of our team has been trained extensively and has a lot of experience in dealing with squirrels. No matter the situation, we have got you covered. We can remove the squirrels on your property and keep them out for good. Call us if you have any questions or if you’d like to book an inspection.