Can Raccoons Climb Brick Walls

Can Raccoons Climb Up Brick Walls?

Raccoons are incredibly agile climbers. These flexible, adaptable creatures that live naturally in forests. They can climb up and down any rough surface to hide from predators and find shelter. Given their ability to climb, raccoons do well in cities and suburbs. They climb up the sides of buildings to get into attics and cluttered balconies. Give us a call if you suspect that some raccoons are making themselves at home on your property. We provide effective raccoon removal in Peterborough and beyond.

Raccoons can climb brick walls with no trouble at all. They have dexterous, long fingers with claws that help them climb trees and other vertical surfaces. They can also rotate their feet backwards so they can climb down headfirst. Raccoons are arboreal. They have evolved to climb trees and den in hollows where they can evade predators. Brick buildings are rough and easy for raccoons to scale. Like trees, houses stick out from the ground and their attics give raccoons a chance to hide from predators. Lots of raccoons climb walls to access the roof and the attic inside.

How to Avoid a Raccoon Problem

Raccoons are attracted to properties where they can find food. Be sure not to leave any food out unattended and use tightly lidded garbage cans. Secure them with bungee cords and put them away in a shed until collection day. Feed the birds sparingly or get rid of the bird feeder entirely. Don’t leave any pet food out and always clean up after a meal outdoors. Raccoons are omnivores that will eat just about anything. Keep your doors to the outside closed and keep your food in airtight containers. This will make your home smell less appetizing and keep other pests out, too.

For added protection, maintain your roof and stay on top of repairs. Raccoons will grip and rip any opening they find on the roof. Cover roof vents with a thick steel mesh and strengthen the soffits where they meet the roof below. Raccoons will climb onto the roof, then push their way through the soffits. Seal gaps in the roof’s edge with metal flashing or more mesh. Finally, you can help make your roof less accessible by trimming tree branches away from the roof and getting rid of vines. Maintain the yard and call a wildlife removal company as soon as you suspect that raccoons have broken inside.

Contact Wildlife Removal Peterborough

The professionals at Wildlife Removal Peterborough are trained, experienced, and equipped to deal with any raccoon problem. We have the tools and know-how to get rid of raccoons without anyone getting hurt. We only use humane methods of removal. Call us and a technician will find where the raccoons are getting inside your attic, then remove them safely with a one-way door. To keep them out permanently, we offer comprehensive exclusion in which we block off all potential entry points. Call us for an inspection today.