Do Squirrels Move Around at Night

Do Squirrels Move Around at Night?

Squirrels may be cute, but they can cause a whole lot of trouble. Squirrels that have broken into the attic will damage the insulation and risk power outages by chewing on electrical wires. They also have the potential to carry disease, so it’s best that you keep your distance. If you’re worried that some squirrels may have gotten into your attic or living space, give us a call. We provide comprehensive solutions to all wildlife problems. Call us for squirrel removal in Peterborough.

Squirrels are crepuscular animals. This means that they are mostly active at dawn and dusk, though you can still see them running around during the day. Squirrels are busy little omnivores that are famous for burying their food. In the fall, they bury as many as 10,000 nuts each – so many that they don’t remember where they put them. In the winter, when food is scarce, squirrels find their nuts by smelling them and digging them up. Squirrels are active year-round, mating, building nests, and burying food during the day. At night, they are sound asleep.

Signs There are Squirrels in Your Attic

If you suspect that there are squirrels living in your home, look for the following signs:

Noises During the Day

Squirrels make a lot of noise in the early hours of the morning and again at dusk. While raccoons, mice, and rats make noises at night, squirrels are up during the day. They typically make scratching, squealing, and thumping sounds in the attic or walls of the home.

Odours in the Attic

Squirrels defecate and urinate around their nests, which creates foul odours. If you can open the attic and smell something bad, like stale urine, there may be squirrels nesting there. This can be cleaned up by a professional following removal.

Activity on the Roof

Have you been seeing a lot of squirrels on the roof? Seeing squirrels run on and off the roof and scurrying around your property may indicate that there is a nest in the attic. Watch carefully and you may find where the squirrels are getting inside.

Nesting Materials

If you can go into the attic, look for torn insulation as well as twigs, leaves, and branches. Squirrels build their nests with the same materials, no matter where they are. Finding these materials in the attic is no accident – it means a squirrel is nesting on your property.

Stains on the Ceiling

With time, the squirrels’ urine seeps through the ceiling of the attic and creates stains on the ceiling. Circular, beige or brown stains on the ceiling may indicate an animal invasion.

How to Get Rid of Squirrels

If you have noticed any of the signs above, contact a local wildlife removal company. A technician can find where the squirrels are entering the house and remove them humanely. In most cases, technicians use a one-way door, which is a lot like an open-ended trap. They attach the one-way door to the entrance of the squirrel’s nest, then wait a few weeks for the animal to leave. The squirrel simply pushes its way out the door when it wants to go out, then it cannot get back in.

Call Wildlife Removal Peterborough for squirrel removal you can count on. Our technicians are trained and experienced in all forms of squirrel removal. We will ensure that no squirrels are hurt in the process. In addition to the one-way door, we can exclude your property to ensure that this does not happen again. We have the tools and the know-how to protect every vulnerability on your roof. Call us for affordable wildlife removal services in the Peterborough area.