How to Get Rid of Bat in House

How to Get Rid of a Bat in the House

Bats are common in rural areas and towns that border forests. Though they naturally live in caves and tree hollows, bats may fly into homes when looking for a place to roost. Attics are popular roosting sites during the summer breeding season and in the fall when it’s time to hibernate. If there is a bat in your living space, the animal may have gotten lost on its way to the attic. Leave a door open for the bat to leave. If it doesn’t, contact your local wildlife rescue center for help. Then, contact Wildlife Removal Peterborough for an inspection of your property.

In Ontario, there are two kinds of bats that enter homes: the little brown bat and the big brown bat. Both are small, brown, fuzzy bats with pointed ears and nearly hairless wings. Bats live in large groups of hundreds or even thousands of bats. Together, they roost in enclosed areas, like abandoned mines and quiet caves where they can sleep during the day. In some cases, bats will crawl into attics by squeezing through the little gaps they find on the sides of the roof. Ageing roofs and gaps along the edges of the soffits may present bats with an opportunity to roost indoors.

If there is a bat in your living space, close every door in the home and leave one open to the outside. Wait for the bat to leave. If, after a few hours, it does not, contact the nearest wildlife rescue. If you need to move the animal yourself, put on a thick pair of gloves and trap the bat in a container. Slide a piece of cardboard underneath the container, then bring the container outside and release the bat next to a tree. If there are bats in your attic, a bat removal professional can evict them by finding their entry point and installing a one-way door.

The one-way door forces bats out of the attic because it only opens one way. Once out, the bats cannot get back inside. In addition to the one-way door, a technician can bat-proof your property for you. This consists of repairing, sealing, and blocking every possible entry point. Since bats can squeeze through gaps barely half an inch wide, it’s important that you have your roof properly inspected and excluded. Bats that were evicted from an attic may come right back, or another colony might move in in the future. Consider having your roof inspected and excluded if there are bats in your area.

Bats are a protected species in Canada. If one flew into your home, keep your distance and get immediate help. These are endangered animals that mean no harm. Call Wildlife Removal Peterborough for an inspection and removal plan that works for you. Our technicians are trained and experienced in handling bat invasions of all kinds. We can find where the bats are coming from and keep them out with our guaranteed exclusion. We are so sure of our work that it comes with a warranty of up to 2 years.