Are Bats Dangerous For humans?

Yes, bats are dangerous to humans but not an immediate threat. They can carry rabies and a rabies check-up is certainly required as a precaution if you happen to have a bat in your house. Bats are not aggressive by nature but will attack if you come to close. Humans are actual far more of a danger to bats than bats are to humans since the rapid deforestation led to a lot of bats immigrating to the big city where they now pose a problem for people living in those cities. The situation is so bad that some bat species in Ontario have been given a special status as endangered bat species.

The bat species most commonly found in Ontario, namely the Small Brown Bat is on the endangered species list and enjoys a special privilege to be protected by the government. Deforestation and rapid urbanization are partially to blame for this. A devastating fungal infection is also the cause named the White Nose syndrome. It is a fungus that develops around the nose of the bats and will cause the bat to perish. This makes the bat extremely sensitive to its environment.

These bats can get into the house through several ways  but they mostly get in through an entry point found around the roof. They can also get in through one of the numerous vents around the roof if it is wide enough. A lot of people underestimate the size of the hole that the bat has to pass through in order to get in. The bat only needs a bit of space to get inside before they begin to brood.

Once inside they will create mayhem inside the attic without doing much. When bats occupy a space, they will fill the space up with bat guano. Bat guano resembles rat poop, in its appearance, but is generally brittle in texture. A sure way to actually find out whether you are dealing with bat guano is to step on it. If bat guano starts to crumble, then it is a sure sign that it is from a bat. Bat guano does have some benefits. It tuns out before the arrival of modern fertilizer it was widely used as a very effective fertilizer.

But it is not recommended to be used since it can act as a breeding ground for pathogenic microorganisms. Such as spores of a fungus that can even cause long diseases if let to long grow.

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