How Long is a Squirrel Pregnant for

How Long is a Squirrel Pregnant for?

The average gestation period for pregnant squirrels is about 38 days to 46 days. The duration of pregnancy depends on the size of the squirrel bearing the baby raccoon. For instance, larger squirrels such as tree squirrels have longer gestation periods than smaller squirrels. It is interesting to note that squirrels give birth twice a year. In early spring that can last from February to April and late summer that starts from August through September. Most mother squirrels bear 2 to 4 babies each and are weaned b their mother for 10 weeks until they are self-sufficient to venture on their own.

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The squirrel nest for most tree squirrels is at an average height of twenty feet above the ground and can be made using different materials in nature. These materials include twigs, moss, leaves, and other materials that have insulating properties. Apart from that, the squirrel actually has multiple nests. They can have 3 nests at one point in case something happens.

In the urban landscape, the squirrel nests are far from conventional. These nests can take many different forms that are a bother to humans living in these cities. Squirrels break in several man-made structures such as decks, sheds, and even go up high like how they are used to in nature. They go inside of chimneys and go as far as the damper. This can be very dangerous as some squirrel mothers keep their squirrel babies inside the chimney to keep them snug and warm. It might happen that baby squirrels can get stuck when the chimney is in use. Baby squirrels can suffocate or even burn alive.

Baby Squirrels Destructive
                                               Baby squirrels are extremely damaging despite their small size!

Another space that squirrels break into is the attic. They enter the attic by exploiting weak spots around the roof to eventually gain access to the interior. Most of the squirrels gain access to the attic by pushing through the soffit. The entry point is usually found around the intersection between the soffit and the roof. Once they get inside, the mayhem starts. Squirrels cause immense damage to the interior by leaving feces all over the place and urinating everywhere without any regard. They also chew on wires and cables that can cause fuses, and in rare instances even can start house fires! The situation is really aggravated once the mother squirrel births baby squirrels inside the attic and causes even more damage. The attic turns into a real cesspool where bacteria roam freely.

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