How To Get Rid of Red Squirrels in Shed

How To Get Rid of Red Squirrels in Shed

There are tons of options to get rid of squirrels in the attic. Some are very straight forward and some are not that conventional. Squirrels are attracted to the shed for different reasons. The shed offers them protection, warmth, and safety from predators, notably other squirrels that will hunt baby squirrels down for the sole purpose of killing them and getting rid of the competition. So how do you get rid of squirrels in sheds without physically harming them?

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Hanging up ammonia-soaked rags inside the sheds should do a great deal to the squirrel because they have a very sensitive nose! Remove food from inside the shed. Squirrels are attracted to all kinds of stuff including nuts, seeds, and insects.

The most obvious one is to enter the shed and make noise. Red squirrels will get startled and flee the scene. The downside of this is that they will most likely return after a few hours. To prevent this, you will need to find where the entrance points are and seal them. The issue is that these entry points can be quite challenging to find and difficult to seal when you do not have the tools and the time.

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Squirrels are mostly active during the early morning and are inactive during the night. You can take advantage of this information by going into the shed at night. There is a chance they won’t be in the shed, but It is worth the try. Squirrels will run out of the shed when they see a light. Ake sure all the squirrels are gone including the baby squirrels as well. In case baby squirrels are found, you must call a wildlife rehab centre.

This is why DIY approaches are discouraged because people might scare away the mother squirrel and leave the baby squirrels orphaned. It is against the law to harm or injure squirrels when trying to get them out, so think carefully about the methods that are used.

If nothing works in the end, it is recommended to call professional squirrel control specialists to get the squirrel out of the shed. Professionals are licensed and experienced individuals that have been solving these cases for years using time-tested and ethical methods that comply with government regulations. The technicians at Wildlife Removal Peterborough have more than a decade of experience in making sure properties are squirrel-free for business owners and homeowners alike. We have been at the forefront of squirrel control for years and we do not plan on stopping anytime soon