How Do I Get Rid of Bats in My Walls

The best way to get rid of bats is not to actually do it yourself. This is because bats are incredibly sensitive animals and might be stuck between the wall which will make the case worse if you happen to interfere with the process. Bats are protected animals and as such cannot be removed randomly which is possible with most animals, especially during bat hibernation. Bat removal in the attic means that you have to find the main entry point which is usually located on the perimeter of the house. These entry points can be very challenging to find since bats can squeeze through holes.

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Technicians are able to locate these entry points and remove the bats from there on. In many cases, when you are not familiar with a bat, you might be confused about what you are hearing. Bats can squeak, squeal, and flap their wings rapidly. In fact, when somebody hears a bat for the very first time, the person might confuse the bat for a mouse, unless there is rapid flapping. The ones that get stuck between walls are usually smaller bats who might have found an entry point and get stuck between the wall voids.

Bats in this situation might let off some high-pitched sounds of distress. This is why it is very important to hire the right professionals for the right job. Even though extremely rare, bats might be able to transfer rabies when they are infected with the rabies virus and enters your bloodstream. Bats that are in distress can be very unpredictable when they want to get out of a situation. This is why professionals come prepared and know exactly what to do when it comes to removing bats from the walls.

Bats will enter your attic space because it offers the perfect circumstances to roost in peace without being disturbed. Bats will need all the time to roost since they only roost 2-3 hours a day before setting out for food. Technicians that know this will exclude the property and will attach a bat cone to the main entry point.

So, when there are any bats inside the attic or in between the walls; in the wall cavity, that is to say, these bats will leave the property and will exit. When these bats will exit the Bat Cone, they will not be able to re-enter the space anymore since the bat cone is angled in such a way that it would be impossible for the bat to get in. The technician will then come back for a 2nd visit days after, check, for vacancy and seal off the entry point. This way no bat is able to use the entry point ever again.

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