What Does Skunk Smell Like

What Does Skunk Smell Like?

skunks have a peculiar smell ad can be easily mistaken for marijuana. Skunk smell is produced in the sacs below the anus of the skunk and discrete through the anus. Skunk sprays are a type of oil and the smell comes from thiols. The oils can easily stick to any type of surface. This is why skunk smell is hard to get rid of and need specialized products to get rid of them. The skunk smell has sour notes and has an ammonia-like smell. This smell can also spread to other places and can stay as long as 10 days in extreme cases.

If you have skunks, do not hesitate to contact skunk control companies for fast and affordable removal.

So what do you do to get rid of this smell?

If you do suspect skunk activity taking place on your property, do not hesitate to call Skunk Control!

Dogs are often the victims of a skunk spray attack, and skunks being who they are go in defence mode. To get rid of the skunk smell on your dog, do the following:

  • 1 quart (950 ml) of 3-percent hydrogen peroxide (available at any pharmacy)
  • 1/4 cup baking soda,
  • 1 teaspoon liquid dishwashing soap

Before applying the mixture, wear gloves. Apply the solution like you would do with a normal bathing session. Massage the solution in the fur and let the fur absorb the solution and rinse after approx. 10 minutes have passed.  The hydrogen peroxide can cause colour change to the fur so proceed with caution. Make sure to avoid the mouth and the eyes as well.

Next, for the home, you want to get some fresh air in for circulation. Open op window and let fresh air do the work to neutralize the space as much as possible. If the sun shines, it’s even better since sunshine speeds up the process.

If the skunk spray comes on fabrics such as clothes, sheets, blankets, it needs to be brought outside and washed immediately. There are products on the market today that do the work at quite an affordable price.

If you have a fan, that will be even better to get the skunk smell neutralized. Make sure to let the air circulate for a couple of hours or as long as possible. If you live in a colder province, opening up the doors and windows might not even be an option, instead, make sure to deodorize the room. There are several de-skunkers available on the market to tackle this issue at hand. The goal is not to mask the smell, but to neutralize it.