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What Do Squirrels Sound Like in Walls

Squirrels know how to get into our homes and that is no secret. They can find their way into our walls through an entry point outside the home or through the roof. Since squirrels are rodents as well, they will sound like any other rodent who chew their way through their day. So what do squirrels sound like and what can you do against it. Depending on where the squirrel is you might hear some rustle, pitter-patter, and thumping depending on what they are doing.

If they are set on making a nest, you might hear activity early in the morning. They are very active animals and will go in and out several times a day. It can never be precisely pinpointed what animal it is unless professional help will be called in. Technicians are professionals that are certified and licensed in the ethical and safe removal of various wildlife animals like squirrels.

If you are having squirrel issues, professional wildlife removal specialists from Wildlife Removal Peterborough can remove them swiftly and ethically.

A technician is able to find the exact location from where the squirrel got in. To get the squirrel out, the technician will use an ingenious device called the One-Way Door. The One-Way Door, as the name already implies, lets the squirrel pass the tunnel-like contraption once before the squirrel gets locked out. The squirrel is then forced to look for a place elsewhere.

Squirrels can be incredibly destructive and can damage the insulation and leave it in such as state that thorough decontamination and re-installment is needed. Even though these critters are small in size, they leave a big mess behind!

The best way to prevent squirrels from entering uninvited is to recognize the signs. Apart from hearing noises in the early mornings, these are the signs that can help you to check if you have squirrels:

  1. The strong smell of urine and feces. This can be so strong that it can permeate through your home!
  2. You can find squirrel droppings around the front yard and backyard. If they are in the attic, you can find them scattered.
  3. Damaged roof shingles. Squirrels have sharp paws that can damage your shingles.
  4. Seeing squirrels in your back or front yard at strange periods. You might have to tail them and see if they enter your property!

Squirrels can cost homeowners heaps of money. Hard to imagine that squirrels can terrorize homes like this, but those who had to experience the wrath of these seemingly cute animals, know better than to judge them by their looks! If you are in need of squirrel removal and recognize these signs, then give us a call Wildlife Removal Peterborough!