How to Remove Skunk from deck

How to Get Rid of Skunks Under Deck

Decks and porches are hotspots of skunk activity. They’re dark, secluded, and quiet during the day – perfect for a skunk to wait out the cold or nurse her babies. Skunks have large claws that let them dig under these structures and reach the interior. They are mostly harmless, but skunk will spray when they feel threatened, leaving terrible odours on your property that lasts for days. They may also cause significant damage to your landscaping. If there is a skunk under your deck, you should evict it. Call us for an inspection and skunk removal service in Peterborough.

Wait for Them to Leave

The easiest thing you can do is wait for the skunks to leave. If it is spring, you are likely dealing with a mother and her kits. The kits will be grown by late summer and the family will separate. To verify, stuff the entrance of the den with a ball of paper. If it is still there after 3 days and 3 nights, the animals are gone. You can then block the entrance off safely.

Practice Humane Harassment

If you cannot wait, you can encourage the skunks to leave the deck with some gentle harassment. Leave a radio on, on top of the deck, or point a flashlight toward the den during the daytime. This will make it harder for the skunks to sleep. You can also try soaking some rags in ammonia or apple cider vinegar and placing them around the entrance to the den. This will mimic the scent of predators.

Use a One-Way Door

The one-way door lets skunks out safely while preventing their return. It swings outward so the animals can leave but cannot push their way back in. You can make a one-way door by modifying a live trap or by calling your local wildlife remover. Just be sure that you wait until midsummer so that the baby skunks are big enough to leave the den. Separating a mother from her kits is inhumane and may cause additional damage to your property as she tries to get back inside.

Skunk-Proof the Deck

Skunk-proof the deck for permanent results. Dig a trench along the edges of your deck, about a foot deep, then screw a thick steel mesh into its sides. A 16-gauge, ¼ inch mesh will keep skunks, rats, and raccoons from digging underneath the deck. You can do this while installing the one-way door or once the animals have left.

Hire a Wildlife Remover

The most effective solution is to hire a professional wildlife remover. Professionals recognize the signs of a skunk problem and can identify the areas of your property that are vulnerable to wildlife. They can remove the animals safely and keep them out by excluding your deck for you. Our technicians are highly experienced in skunk removal and would be happy to help you out. Our services are affordable and guaranteed. Call us for wildlife removal in Peterborough and the GTA.