Difference Between Red and Grey Squirrels

Difference Between Red and Grey Squirrels

Apart from their differences in colour, the red squirrel and the grey squirrel are not just the same species in a different colour but are completely different species that are not compatible with each other. The main difference between these squirrels is their size. Grey squirrels are much larger than their red squirrel counterpart and stand tall at approximately 50 cm while the red squirrel dwarfs in size with 45 cm at a maximum.

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The grey squirrel can be different in colour depending on the region they are found in. The region in which they are found can stretch between Midwest to Eastern regions of both the US and Canada. They are said to be native to these regions and are counted as highly invasive species, especially in urban areas.

The grey squirrel can also appear jet black. It is the largest of the tree squirrels as well. The red squirrel is found throughout Quebec, the Rocky Mountains, and all the way to the eastern part of the forests in Alaska. They are also found right at home but are mainly active in the Northwestern regions of Ontario. These squirrels inhabit forests, swamps, and woods. They are small but very territorial in nature. Even though they live close to nature, they are still known to break into residential neighbourhoods.

In terms of diet, these squirrels have the same diet that consists of fruits, nuts, seeds, and shoots of a flower. They also indulge in small birds and eggs. Red squirrels mate twice a year. In the winter and in the summer. The interesting thing is that female squirrels are fertile once on a specific day, so to ensure that the female squirrel is pregnant, the male will mate with the female squirrel multiple times on the same day. Grey squirrels also mate twice a year in the fall and late spring. The gestation period of the red squirrel can last 40 days while the gestation period of that grey squirrel can last a bit longer, 44 days.

The red squirrel is known to be quite aggressive. They are known to be territorial and live in seclusion. On the other hand, the grey squirrel is the exact opposite of the red squirrel. The grey squirrel is docile. Red squirrels and grey squirrels can’t see eye to eye. They can’t live together, nor breed. The red squirrel has considered far more endangered than the eastern grey squirrel is. The grey squirrel carries a virus that affects the red squirrel known as squirrel pox. (SQPV) a virus that is often attributed to the decline of red squirrels.

Both grey and red squirrels break into property regularly especially during the colder months when squirrels are in search of warmth and shelter. They can do a lot of damage which a lot of people are unaware of. They leave heaps of feces, urine, and ruin insulation material. Squirrels often get into the attic by scaling the roof and entering from various points like porch overhands, rotten shingles, the fascia board, from the soffit intersection, and from the drip edge behind the gutter.

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